BAR 504 2009: The Sounds of Stonehenge Centre for the History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth. CHOMBEC Working Papers No. 1 edited by Stephen Banfield. ISBN 9781407306308. £31.00. vi+80 pages; illustrated throughout with maps, plans, figures, tables, photographs, 4 colour plates.

The Sounds of Stonehenge originated as a workshop of the Centre for the History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth (CHOMBEC), held at the Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol, UK in November 2008. The 8 papers contain material pertaining to acoustic physics, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, cognitive psychology, English literature, film studies, history, history of art, media and popular studies, musicology, sociology, and creative composition. Contents: 1) The sounds of Stonehenge: some notes on an acoustic archaeology (Joshua Pollard ); 2) New art – ancient craft: making music for the monuments (John Crewdson and Aaron Watson); 3) Soul music: instruments in an animistic age (Simon Wyatt); 4) Songs of the stones: the acoustics of Stonehenge (Rupert Till); 5) The cultural history of Stonehenge (Ronald Hutton); 6) Megaliths in English art music (Stephen Banfield); 7) Stonehenge and its film music (Guido Heldt); 8) Stonehenge in rock (Timothy Darvill).